Quick Vines in Blender and ZBrush

Steps for quick bespoke vines
1 Firstly export the meshes that you want the vines to cover from Unreal. Select the meshes in your viewport right click and export assets.
2 Import in Blender and create a Bezier curve. In edit mode delete the vertices of the Bezier and select the draw tool as shown in the image. Also select the depth to "Surface". You can now draw the vines and they now will follow the surfaces of your meshes.
3 You can select the last verts and using ALT+S will taper them if needed
4 Export in Zbrush and sculpt using the Orb Crack3 brush found in the brush palette. Turn off the alpha
5 For even more detail you can add surface noise at the end
6 Once done decimate and export low poly and high poly for UVing and baking