EXTILE _for Blender

One click away from creating non-repetitive tiling textures!

Extile is a bunch of mathematical functions grouped into 2 master materials that eliminate repetitiveness in tiling textures. It works on both geometric patterned textures such as tiles, bricks, flooring etc and also on organic style textures like ground etc. 

Everything comes straight out of the box, ready set up with just one click. Simply import your own textures from any source, including Megascans and adjust some basic parameters to get rid of ugly tiling, leaving you to concentrate on what's important to you and your project. In addition, because it has been set up with modular group nodes, you can use them to construct your own shader tree if you want to experiment even further by adding custom nodes you create.

Extile was initially released for Unreal Engine a while back, and now it's finally available for Blender! It all began when I couldn't find a clean and scalable way to create non-repetitive tiling solutions without resorting to "old school" workflows using additional software to "cover up" the repetition, and even that was never perfect and always a source of stress. If you're working creating any types of environment art or architectural visualization or simply need to get rid of repetition in your projects, then it will become your best friend!

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One copy to be used by a single user.

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