EXPROP Non repetitive atlas materials

EXPROP lets you texture props and other surfaces using a single atlas texture set. Either directly through the atlas master materials provided or through the additional color ID master materials. In addition there is also a set of blend master materials that let you blend between two quadrants of the same texture set. All sets also come with a non-repetitive tiling function that allows you to eliminate any unwanted tiling effects. This combination allows you to have one texture set for a variety of assets and to get as much as possible from a single texture set. Finally you can also turn off the Atlas option in the advanced Atlas master set and have a non-repetitive tiling material.

Specifically the atlas set comprise of a 4,7,10,13 and 16 quadrant atlas setup which represent the basis for the other masters. There are three variants of the atlas masters, a basic set an advanced set and blend set. The color ID folder contains a variant of the atlas set but with a color ID Mask selector that allows you to select any color off your color ID mask.