UE5 Lumen lighting scenarios

This was a small exercise using my Exsite scene and trying out different scenarios using ue5's lumen. I used a basic lighting setup adding a directional light, a sky light, sky atmosphere and environmental fog and adjusting these to set the basic mood. From there I used a kicker light to accentuate the main focus of the image and also added a couple of spotlights emanating from outside inside and used to give some more fill in certain areas. Lastly I used some large blocks with an emissive material outside on some of the main windows that I turned on/off depending on the result and also played with emissive strength to adjust. Playing with the indirect lighting for my directional and skylight it was very easy to find the right balance and from there adjusting colors and intensity on the other lights to add more character to each scene. One more thing I added was a post process of course and I also adjusted the white balance on some shots.
All in all Lumen is a cinematographers dream come true! I will be posting a youtube tutorial soon.